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Autumn colours Thelema Mountain Vineyard

Whether you love South African wines, or whether you are travelling to South Africa, or if you are a producer of fine wines, make sure to listen to my Podcasts. You will be enlightened, informed, intrigued and hopefully salivating to drink the great wines on offer...

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Vines in the mist. Thelema Mountain Vine

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About me....

I grew up on a sheep farm in a small Karoo town, called Williston. After school I studied film Photography. A few years later I found myself in England, where I met my husband. After finishing his PhD in Computer Science, he started a job at NASA Research Institute in Silicon Valley, California. I needed to keep myself busy and ended up in the wine industry, one does.

First I worked as a wine store clerk; tasting, buying, stacking and selling great wines from around the world. The bug has bitten!

(Tasting great wines from 10am-7pm deemed an easy task for me.)  After finding my feet in the industry, I became a wine rep for a distributor called Epic Wines.


In 2009 we moved back to South Africa. I started work as a Marketing Manager for Stark-Conde, MAN Vintners and Joostenberg Winery. Later, I became a wine rep for Thelema Mountain Vineyards for the Western Cape. After 16 years working in the industry, here and abroad, I finally decided to start my own "gig" in our wine industry.

Why Podcasts?

We love road trips and listening to Podcasts. I looked into Podcasts for the South African Wine Industry and could not find any, so I decided to jump in and start spreading the word about South Africa's great wines, beautiful winery settings and all the puzzle pieces that hold it together as well as new happenings. Please enjoy listening....

                          Cheers! Amanda Visser

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